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Camping Gifts

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Gifts for Campers and Hikers

The best camping gifts come in all shapes and sizes, From something as small as a handheld compass all the way up to huge tent or shelter that could be used to serve as a mess hall.

There have been numerous times that I have broken a plastic tent stake trying to hammer it into the frozen ground or into very rocky terrain. I realize that plastic tent stakes are most likely Not a great gift idea. However, it’s a thought that will start the creative juices flowing when you start thinking about unique gifts for campers and hikers.

Camping Gifts for Her

I think that finding the right gift for a female camper is more difficult than finding one for a man. Most women campers I know have a tendency to like their campsites a bit more on the clean and orderly side. They want to know that they are not going to be eaten alive by mosquitos or have to walk three miles just to get fresh water for cooking or bathing.

Although men like to think they are the ones that do the cooking over a campfire, it has been my experience that women are often much more organized than guys are and generally do the cooking when the whole family is camping.

When you have your stuff organized, then half of the work is already done. She beats that into my head on a regular basis, so I actually have improved my organization skills.

Personalized Gifts

Sunblock and lotions are definitely some of the personal care items to consider. The ability to keep all of the bathing and toiletry items in a clean dry container that can be easily stored and carried a short distance to the shower would be great ideas for any camper.

Private restrooms are not always readily available, especially in the more rustic campgrounds. So a personal porta-potty might also be an ideal camping gift as well.

Camping totes and waterproof storage containers that keep all things protected and dry are also worth considering as a gift.

Comfort and convenience are always factors that need to be considered when going on a camping trip. I know that I always sleep better when I’m clean. So with that in mind, I made it a point to find a portable five-gallon solar shower bag that works well. I also discovered that I can get a decent shower with just three gallons of water.

Camping Gifts for Kids

I have to be honest here. One of the most beautiful sounds on earth is a good solid, deep belly laugh from a child. When I hear a child laugh really hard it’s contagious. That sound always makes me smile really big.

Kids love running, playing and splashing in the water. I believe that it’s important to get them outside and get them active as often as possible. My kids are grown and gone now but we still think and talk about our camping trips when they were young.

They all had their own camping flashlight that they would hold under their chins and shine up in their face as we were telling scary stories around the campfire.

To make the kids camping experiences even better, things like a telescope, or even a decent pair of binoculars, for star gazing would be great things to take along for the kids to use.

When you are away from the city lights and other forms of light pollution the stars become much brighter and easier to see in the night sky.

I actually bought a night vision scope so the kids and I could look at things in the dark. That was pretty impressive for the kids.

Anyone who goes camping on a regular basis, knows all too well what it means to make sure that you have brought everything you are possibly going to need or want for the trip. I know that I had to learn the hard way.

Getting Ready for the Camping Season

It seems that every year when we start getting the camping gear cleaned up and ready for the season we always find an item or two that needs to be replaced or upgraded. I always want my family to have fun and be as safe as possible so I am always keeping my eyes peeled for new things that they would consider a great camping gift

Finding unique camping gifts is not a very difficult task and doesn’t really take a lot of thought. You can just put yourself in their shoes for a few minutes and think about what would make the person a little more comfortable and happy while on the camping or hiking trip. When and if you get stuck and find you may need a little help coming up with the something, you can always revisit this page. We will try to keep it as up to date as we can.  

We go on short camping trips as often as we can. This is why we have developed our own little camping ritual.  In the process of developing our camping ritual, we have come across several items that would make perfect Camping Gifts.

Gifts for Campers and Hikers camping Giftscan range from something as simple as a First-aid / Survival Kit, to something much larger such as camping chairs or a tent that gets used on every trip.

For another gift example, there are times I wish I had taken a poncho because we get caught in the rain occasionally.

Lightweight gear is always on the wishlist of campers and hikers. You can look at a few of them here:

Gift Ideas for Campers and Hikers

Ideas are all around you if you try for a few seconds to put yourself in their hiking shoes :).

You just have to think of what it is that you might want to take with you if you were going camping.  I believe that it is better if you actually have an idea of how the recipient of the gift thinks or where they might be headed when they go for their camping outing.

If the destination for camping is going to be in the woods or where there are trails for hiking a great idea may be trail markers or lanterns to mark the trail paths to find the way back to the campsite.  Headlamps may also be a useful gift for campers.  When you are camping beside water you will find it is most likely watersports will be taking place while on the adventure so a floating device such as a canoe or a raft and even a floating cooler may be a great choice for a gift.

One of my favorite memories, when I was young was going camping with my family. Fun in the sun playing while the grownups sit relaxing watching us swimming, playing, and splashing in the water. Exploring the nearby woods, sitting around the campfire telling scary stories, and star gazing was always a really great time.

Now that I am older when I’m considering gifts for others I draw from those memories trying to facilitate building great memories and trying to share my gypsy soul with family and friends.

When I think of camping I think of roughing it and getting off the grid but a lot of people think of modern and high tech gadgets to make for better experiences.

Considering a list of all the things that someone would want on a camping trip encompasses a wide range of ideas.  To explore unique gift possibilities I make a list of useful items before I shop.

Sometimes as I am shopping I find other ideas that I haven’t even considered! Here is a list of ideas I’ve come up with:

  •  Portable Fire Pit
  •  Cookware
  •  Campfire Cookbook
  •  Personal Porta Pottie
  •  Water Shoes
  •  Floating Devices
  •  Sleeping Bag
  •  Hammock
  •  Tent
  •  Camp Chairs
  •  Solar Charging Back Pack
  •  Food Storage
  •  Beverage Storage
  •  First Aid Kit
  • Toolkit
  •  Personal Toiletrie Items and Storage
  •  Telescope
  •  Camara

Many states have regulations that prohibit picking flowers, cutting down trees, bringing firewood from other places, building open fires, or leaving trash.

I even know someone that was fined for picking up a feather as a souvenir of the trip!

Beware of the laws of the land and respect nature and above all else, enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds us every day. The world truly is a very beautiful place.

Leave things better than you found them!

Take only pictures and Leave only footprints.



Camping Hacks, Ten camping Hacks that take the rough out of roughing it

Camping Hacks

We have alot of fun when we go camping 🙂 We always try to make the next one better than the last. It never seems to fail that you either forget something or you wish you would have done things differently.

After a couple days in the wilderness and a couple nights by the campfire, Linda (my partner in adventures) is really wanting me to get clean before I get next to her.  🙂  So, I decided to invest in a solar shower for the campsite. Check it out here.

Every year when we start getting our camping gear around, we always notice that something has reached a point where it should most likely be replaced or upgraded. So, I am always kinda keeping my eyes open for new little camping gifts that I know she will appreciate.

Why do we like Camping Hacks

Camping Hacks are great because they allow you to achieve the same objective with less of the hard work that is typically involved.

I started carrying a 5-gallon bucket to use as a washing machine. I just cut a round hole in the top that will accommodate a standard toilet plunger that acts just like the agitator in your washing machine at home.


Camping or Backpacking in the Rain

Great tips for backpacking and camping in the Rain. Don’t cancel your next trip because of the weather.

Some of our best camping trips have been rained on  And we always find some good times and good memories, no matter what the weather does.

Backpacking in the rain

It’s important that you have good camping or backpacking tents and gear. It’s also a good idea to you practice setting up your shelter and rain guards often, as you never really know how fast inclement weather can move in and put a damper on things. It is always good to know a few Camping Hacks. 

The more you do something, the better and faster you get at it. Setting up and tearing down your campsite in a timely fashion can be very rewarding. Especially if a thunderstorm moves in unexpectedly. It’s always a good idea to practice a couple of times at home before you actually get out into the wilderness.